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I Have Nothing To Worry About

I Have Nothing To Worry About “Worrying is a misuse of your imagination.” Starting as little kids, we imagine things. Dreams, hopes, fairytales and so forth. We see everything with bright lights, happiness, and excitement. But as we get older, we suddenly learn about this sense of worry… Worrying about what could go wrong with …

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Wanting and Doing the Best for your Athletes

Wanting and Doing the Best for your Athletes “The greatest success we’ll know is helping others succeed and grow.” Coaching is not always easy, sometimes it can be extremely difficult, but as a coach it is our responsibility to do our absolute best to prepare our athletes for each at-bat, situation, pitch, game, tournament, and …

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Resting Time is Valued Time

Resting Time is Valued Time “Sometimes making progress means taking rest days.” Many of us athletes, coaches, and parents push our athletes and ourselves to the limit. We keep playing, practicing, and training every single day. We take private lessons, gym sessions, and nutrition to the next level so that we take our performance in …

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Taking Private Lessons

Taking Private Lessons Taking private softball lessons is crucial in the successful development of your athlete’s mechanics, fundamentals, and knowledge within the positions they are training in. Many parents who have played sports before their children believe they are capable of coaching and instructing their athlete. Parents can absolutely help their athlete succeed in a …

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Being Honest With Your Athlete by Nikoli Sharp

Honesty Do you lie to your athletes? Do you tell them that they have improved when they haven’t? Do you tell them they pitched an incredible game, but they didn’t? Do you tell them their swing looks great when you see flaws? Are you allowing your fear of hurting their feelings and hurting your relationship …

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