YOUR Words, YOUR Choices, YOUR Actions, YOUR Consequences

YOUR Words, YOUR Choices, YOUR Actions, YOUR Consequences

There is a lot of different coaching styles that come from so many different personalities and perspectives that stem from different backgrounds and experiences. As a parent and/or a coach, we become our own person with our own beliefs and styles of discipline, teaching, and coaching that we find most progressive for our kids and athletes. But sometimes, we stop progressing ourselves. We lose our sense of awareness and stick to what we know and what we are comfortable with, instead of tuning our skills to what our kids and athletes need.

No one kid is the same. Our styles have to be versatile and meet the needs of each kid individually in order for them to learn, grow, and progress as a student, athlete, and overall person. We have to learn with our kids in order to help them in the best way we can. If we stick to one way, more ways than not, we won’t be helping every athlete in the best way we can, only reaching the ones who can take the style of coaching, teaching, and discipline that we choose.

One thing I hope to leave you with today understands the effect of WORDS. Some words can be incredibly impactful in good ways and bad ways, and we have realized what we are saying, why we are saying it, and how it will affect our kids. Sometimes we speak without thinking and words of negativity, doubt, anger, frustration, and disappointment slip out because we are letting our emotions take over and instead of understanding what we are saying and how it is making our kids feel, we deal with the consequences after. Whether it be you make them cry, yell at you, ignore you, or speak words of hate back to you. To me, it’s heartbreaking. As an athlete who grew up with a father who chose to yell, belittle, and speak before thinking, I know what it’s like to feel disappointed not only in yourself, but in your parent/coach. It didn’t make me try harder, it hardened my heart each time and hurt my relationship with him. Of course I’m sure many of you would say he just wanted what was best for me, but I truly think that if you want what is best for your kids, you will LEARN who your kid is; learn about their strengths, weaknesses, personalities, mannerisms, and emotions. Learn what helps your athlete stay positive, progressive, and help them believe in themselves! The minute we become the influencers of negativity, they start to lose their sense of trust and belief in themselves and in you, and start to lose the determination, diligence, and passion for what they love to do.

As a parent and as a coach it is so crucial, important, and invaluable to constantly and consistently be a growing student of life. Learn with your kids! Grow with your athletes! Be aware of your words! Be aware of your influence!

We are all capable of being such wonderful, caring, positive, and passionate influencers that help our kids succeed not only on the field, but in life.

Be the person you had or wish you had that helped you become the person you are today.

Written by Nikoli Sharp

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