Taking Private Lessons

Taking Private Lessons

Taking private softball lessons is crucial in the successful development of your athlete’s mechanics, fundamentals, and knowledge within the positions they are training in. Many parents who have played sports before their children believe they are capable of coaching and instructing their athlete. Parents can absolutely help their athlete succeed in a multitude of ways through extra training, practicing, and motivating factors, BUT athletes who are given instruction from outside instructors as well as the help from their parents or guardians, will benefit even more!

Benefits from instructors:

-Personalized goal setting weekly in making progress

-Knowledge behind each drill

-Breaking down each detail with explanation

-Being taught how to self-correct their faults

-Creating a personalized routine

-Honest feedback

-Connections to college/next level sources

-Different perspectives

-Positive influence

-A post college athlete with experience and knowledge for the next level

-Learning positive focus and how to take instruction respectfully from another person/coach

-Learning mental sports training

-Learning and applying what they have been taught

-Love for the game

All American instructors are motivated, determined, and passionate in helping your athletes succeed. Not only do they use their own experiences from growing up within the sport, but they also create lessons that are tailored for your athlete while making each lesson educational, fun, valuable, and inspiring! We use a vast amount of drills depending on your athletes needs within the position they are training for that range from simple and practical to creative and challenging. For example, a few things we use in our creative drills are listed below.

  • Popcorn seeds
  • Wiffle golf balls
  • Medicine Balls
  • Basketballs
  • Tennis Racket
  • Tennis balls
  • Bouncy balls
  • Frisbee

While some lessons need repetition with certain drills, as instructors, we also like to make some of them into a little competition. They can compete within the drill at hand that will help them improve in a fun way, help them focus on the important instruction and knowledge they are given and taught, so when they make a mistake or do something wrong, they are able to apply their learnings themselves while making progressive steps in order to succeed in the long run. They will be able to not only learn a new drill and reach a new goal, but they will be improving their skills in listening, application, and positively moving past an obstacle; a phase they will come into contact with multiple times throughout their athletic career.

Some commonalities among training also include basic drills, no matter what age we are instructing. Have you heard your athlete say “I’m too advanced for that drill” or parent, possibly even a coach say “They are too advanced for that drill”? As your athlete gets older and more advanced, she learns more drills and strategies to keep her improving and progressing within her offense and defense of play. BUT throughout their athletic journey their progress can become hindered when they are going through a slump. Sometimes the best way to get through the struggle and to get back on track in reaching their goals is going back to the fundamentals and basic drills they started with. No matter what level of play, basic drills have and always will be used! For example, if your athlete is struggling to get their hands through the ball and are too quick to finish their swing, going back to the basic drill of swinging off the tee with one hand or hitting through two tees for extension will be much more beneficial than trying to fix it with the repetition of a drill that does not hone in on the problem directly. We must push aside the pride or the inaccurate thought that going “back” to basic fundamentals will slow your athlete’s progress or make them worse. We have to have trust, confidence, and faith that they can get through the obstacles; it just may take more time, sacrifices, or a change in perspective to do so.

Another advantage that comes with private lessons is mental training. So many athletes have incredible skills, potential, and abilities within the sport, but a common setback is their mental game. Mental training is a tool that we use in order to help our athletes find confidence, understanding of their weaknesses and strengths, how to look for a positive perspective in all situations, controlling their emotions, using their emotions in a healthy and useful way in their sport, visualization, creating goals, and overall getting to the root of any struggles or obstacles your athlete may be facing while helping them prepare for future performances.

Private lessons are so incredibly exciting, progressive, and full of diligence and inspiration. As instructors, we put 110% into your athlete’s goals and dreams in order to help them be the best version of themselves in all aspects of the sport and in being a person. Private lessons have so much more information, passion, knowledge, effort, and useful tools within them that not everyone realizes. Make a change and take a chance in helping your athlete find her potential, create goals, and set sail towards her dreams.

Written by Nikoli Sharp

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