Being Honest With Your Athlete by Nikoli Sharp


Do you lie to your athletes?

Do you tell them that they have improved when they haven’t?

Do you tell them they pitched an incredible game, but they didn’t?

Do you tell them their swing looks great when you see flaws?

Are you allowing your fear of hurting their feelings and hurting your relationship get in the way of your honesty?

Do you look through rose colored glasses, believing your child is the best and can do no wrong, has no flaws or problems, and any mistake that is made is not their fault?

Now, I am not a parent, but I have been an athlete, a coach, an instructor, a teacher, a student, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I have been in situations where I have been lied to, I have been in situations where speaking the truth is hard and can be hurtful, and I have seen people I care about be lied to. I have learned and experienced honesty, truth, and lies in a variety of circumstances and situations, and I have learned that no matter how hard the truth was to hear, HONESTY made me better; a better person, student, athlete, daughter, coach, teacher, instructor, and friend who was able to broaden my understanding, perspective, and potential. I learned from my mistakes, experiences, and hardships, and applied the lessons I learned to not only help myself, but to help those around me and whom I care about. I learned that lying only hurts you, that person, and your relationship in the long run if not right away. Speak the truth with your athlete! It will truly help them in not only their softball goals and dreams, but also in reaching their goals and dreams in life. They will be able to see themselves through honest eyes and an honest heart, allowing them to find strength within themselves, take on challenges, make realistic goals, build confidence, determination, character, and overall become the best version of themselves.

With the lack of honesty, comes the lack of trust, and no parent/athlete or coach/athlete relationship will survive or be able to help with reaching their goals, potential, or dreams. There is nothing worse than being the person that holds others back because you are afraid of speaking the truth or because you aren’t looking clearly at the level your athlete is at. Put your rose colored glasses on the ground and step on them!

Honesty tends to get a bad reputation for being blunt, brutal, and lacking empathetic nature, but that’s not always true! You can be honest and compassionate! Honesty doesn’t come from hate or negativity; it comes from empathy, love, and care. Do not keep hurting your athlete with lies because you are afraid of hurting their feelings, because you are being blinded from the truth, or in denial. No one is perfect! We are all “imperfectly perfect”! We are individuals who have weaknesses and strengths that are unique to each of us, and it is important that your athlete knows and understands that! We will all make mistakes, fail, and lie. We will all look through rose colored glasses at some point in our lives. BUT, we will all learn, succeed, be honest, and see the truth.

So start your honest relationship with your athlete today! Your honesty will help them find success not only in the sport, but as a person. Create resilience, diligence, value, morals, and positivity! Help your athlete see themselves through honest eyes so that they can keep learning, applying, and stepping towards their goals in a positive direction. Keeping them from the truth isn’t keeping them safe, it is hurting them. Be their honest confidant that they can TRUST. You will be surprised that it will not hurt your relationship in the long run, it will make it stronger.

“A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth expressed.”

Written by Nikoli Sharp

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