I Have Nothing To Worry About

I Have Nothing To Worry About

“Worrying is a misuse of your imagination.”

Starting as little kids, we imagine things. Dreams, hopes, fairytales and so forth. We see everything with bright lights, happiness, and excitement. But as we get older, we suddenly learn about this sense of worry…

Worrying about what could go wrong with every choice we make. Worrying about the unknown. Worrying about our possible faults, mistakes, and fears. We worry about the smallest and rarest things every time we start to move towards a goal, a dream, or a new place in our lives.

 Instead of imagining those dreams that are surrounded with positivity and color, we start to envision negative scenarios that are either this way or that way, black or white with no grey area. The grey area is where life is. The unknown, the unexpected, and the unimaginable. The grey area is the place where dreams are worked on tirelessly, where we face our fears, where things go incredibly right and incredibly wrong. The grey area is where life truly is. There is no perfect way of life, no perfect dreams or goals that are set and made for every single person. Everyone has to find their own way. Their own right and their own wrong based on themselves and themselves alone. There is not one right way for everyone in this world, but there is a right way that we can each find for ourselves in order to make and reach our own dreams.

We have to learn to worry less and to trust ourselves. Trust our instincts and strive towards our hopes, dreams, and even fairytales. They may not be exactly what you imagine, but everything will work out exactly as it should as long as you believe in yourself and you believe in what you are capable of. You are not just a person with scenarios going on in your mind, your a playmaker. You are a doer. So don’t let worrying overtake your imagination. Let your imagination fly towards the sky, because you my dear, are a star in the making.

“Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.”-Walt Disney

Written by Nikoli Sharp

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