A Coaching Perspective

A Coaching Perspective

“Be the woman who you needed as a girl.”

Every child, athlete, and person has a different upbringing. We have grown up with different role models, learned different ways and styles of life, and overall we were molded into the person, student, and athlete that we are through what we were taught in the household, in the classroom, on the field, and the life we each grew up in. We were taught different skills, taken on different types of trips, vacations, and events, and grown up in different lines of discipline, respect, and rules. We are all different in many aspects of life, but we also have similarities, common knowledge, agreeable factors, and values. We have opinions and perspectives that we share and find understanding and value from. But most of all, we learn what type of person we want to be, the person we had or wish we had as a young child, student and athlete that can teach our own kids, students, and athletes how to be the best version of themselves.

As a coach, instructor, teacher, and overall person, I will always strive to be the best version of myself for my young ones to look up to, learn from, have support from, and to be the person they can always count on to have their best interest at heart.

As we grow up we have that person, guardian, parent, family member, or coach that taught us the person we wanted to be or maybe even who we didn’t want to be, maybe both! What we went through helped shape us into who we are now, and to be the best version of ourselves so that the young ones who look up to us can learn how to become the best version of themselves with support, care, understanding, respect, discipline, and excitement for the life they can build and the dreams they can reach!

Let’s strive to be our very best so that our young ones can have the very best and they can keep the positive, caring, and supportive ways of life a part of this ever changing world. If there’s one thing we should never allow to change, is the acts of kindness, love, support, and family that we have for the ones we are blessed enough to have in our lives.

Written by Nikoli Sharp

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