The Value of Fitnesss and Health

The Value of Fitness and Health

Everyone tends to jump onto the latest fitness fads or they try to do what their favorite athletes, celebrities, trainers, magazine, or website says which doesn’t always hold validity and isn’t necessarily the best choice for every single person. We are all different! As parents and coaches of young athletes in the sports industry, it is important for us to guide our athletes in a positive direction when it comes to health and fitness. Young women, especially as they become teenagers, become more aware of their fitness and health as they are challenged at practices, games, showcases, and constantly competing for it. In order for them to focus on their fitness and health as a tool for heightening their strength, agility, endurance, and athleticism to help them advance to the next level, is extremely important. The words, image, and values that we speak and teach need to be of good nature that values the work and progress that goes into living a healthy lifestyle that will help provide guidance and value to our young athletes who will be able to apply those values into helping themselves on the field and in life.

We are all guilty of having flaws, judgement, and negativity consume us. Comparison slips into our mind when we flip through a magazine, scroll through our news feed, watch a show or movie. Social media tends to tell us what is right and wrong. It becomes the main source that feeds our thoughts into the wishing, hoping, and destructive behavior in order to reach society’s standards. Our idea of acceptance becomes altered, materialistic, and a heavy burden that lay on our shoulders and in our minds. We strive for acceptance from our surrounding peers which reflects if we can accept ourselves.

I never want our young athletes to feel like they are not good enough, to lack confidence in themselves by societal terms, and to lose who they truly are through the eyes of another. Our young athletes still have minds that are being molded into being the wonderful person they are meant to be. They are learning their own values, beliefs, and finding their own voice. We have to teach them the value of individuality-being their own person and loving who they are from the inside out.

Our fitness and health is not a fad, it is a lifestyle. It is the choice to become healthy because YOU want to. It should reflect YOUR goals. It should be based on YOUR abilities, likes, and dislikes. It takes time. Struggling is inevitable. Effort is crucial. Success is reachable!

We are habitual creatures. We fall into habits. We become accustomed to our favorite foods and stick to what we know. We are afraid of embarrassment, judgement, and the unknown. We think we have to cut out all the “bad” that society categorizes. It is up to us to teach our kids that we should be creating ourselves through our own values and beliefs. Becoming the healthy, diligent, and determined person who strives for bettering themselves every single day to become the best version of themselves whether it is on the field and/or in their life. We are not just a coach for softball, we are coach that helps them in their own life whether it is in the present moment or in their future.

We need to make sure they are doing what they need to do to reach their goals in order for them to find self-love, confidence, or whatever it may be! The only thing that matters is how they see themselves. It is up to us to help guide them into that positive direction!

Teaching and coaching our young athletes small, realistic goals that all serve as stepping stones to reach their ultimate goal is going to help them in a multitude of ways. It is not going to be easy all the time, but it is going to be worth it. It takes time, strength, courage, commitment, loyalty, support, understanding, and knowledge.

Knowledge and understanding about health and fitness is crucial. Do research. Learn about the foods you love, haven’t tried, the importance of and the benefits they each possess. Learn how the body works when it is fueled by whole foods, challenged with fitness training, weight training, speed and agility, conditioning, yoga, etc. Try, and try again. Each athlete will find what their health does for them. They will find what works best for them and what doesn’t. The more they learn about fitness, health, and their own body, the more they will be able to create their own goals that reflect on what they love to do for their health and fitness, the more they will enjoy it, and the more likely they will stick to it and keep striving to be the best version of themselves.

Written by Nikoli Sharp

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