The Next Level

The Next Level

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all love for what you are doing or learning to do.”

Getting to the next level is not easy. It is easily said, written down, and talked about, but when your athlete actually starts gaining experience on the field and getting older to the time of recruitment, she will realize that getting to the next level is not going to be simple. It is going to be hard, take lots of time, and challenge them mentally and physically. If they want to get to the next level, they have to stop hoping and wishing, and start working and believing. If your athlete wants to get to the next level in a sport, then they will have to learn how to love the process, study the sport and their position, study their strengths and weaknesses, create a consistent schedule, start training their muscles and endurance, and mentally preparing themselves.

They will miss out on school dances, birthday parties, hanging out with friends, and so forth. They will have to study during their breaks, lunches, and do extra tutoring for their SAT’s. They will be at the gym, going to practice, and strengthening their skills in lessons while their friends are going to movies, dances, and having slumber parties. They will be making sacrifices. But instead of looking at the small picture, it’s important to look at the big picture. They won’t be missing out on every single thing, they won’t be stuck with their head in a book during their free time every day, and they won’t have to sacrifice their other interests outside of the sport forever. They just have to remember WHY they are making sacrifices, taking extra time to study, and doing extra practice time. They are preparing themselves for the next phase in their life that involves the sport they love that leads them into a pristine college that will guide them into their career. It will be really hard for your athlete, but we have to be that person that helps them see life through another perspective and lens that will provide strength, perseverance, determination, and understanding of priorities and values.

Some athletes have a hard time finding time for friendships, school, and softball. It’s hard and it is scary for them to feel like they are missing out, losing friends, and finding time to get all of their school work done. As a coach it is important for us to help our athletes through not only the process of recruitment, but everything they are going through because of their goals and dreams. Provide knowledge, answer questions, address concerns, and help them with scheduling. Provide assistance, help instruct, teach lessons, and guide them into the next stepping stone they need to reach in order to reach their next goal.

Getting to the next level isn’t easy, but it is possible! They just have to be willing to see what they are capable of, so let’s help them see through that lens of empowerment and get them to that dream!

Written by Nikoli Sharp

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