Coaching with a Purpose

Coaching with a Purpose

All too often we see and hear coaches talk about the importance of winning, and winning only. While winning does have an important part in the sport itself, there’s also many other factors that hold great value. There is a difference between coaching to win verses coaching for success. Winning holds the reputation of success, but success isn’t always found or created through winning. Success is created through challenges, hard work, ambition, inspiration, and determination. While winning can definitely heighten and play a role in exploiting these factors, it is determined and derived from the purpose behind the coaching.

Coaching with a purpose tends to get lost in the societal value of winning. The purpose is to teach your athletes, to coach them through their weaknesses, and to create a positive environment that is filled with goal setting, diligence, and motivation. As a coach, we should be focusing on what needs to be taught, learned, and focused on each practice! Many coaches do the same drills whether it is fielding or hitting, every single practice. And while they are helpful in getting a vast amount of reps in, are they fulfilling a purpose? Are they focusing on specific fundamentals, mechanics, or any weaknesses your athletes are struggling with? If we constantly and consistently go through a step by step routine that is the exact same every practice, how are you helping your athletes prepare in getting to the next level?

Switch up your practice plans! Yes, do basic drills to warm them up, but add in challenging, competitive, fun drills that will help them become stronger in the different aspects your team and/or athletes are struggling with. If your team is struggling with the same problems on the field or in the batter’s box during games and practices, it is time to make a change. It is time to build a practice plan that has a PURPOSE behind it.

Get creative! Research! Ask questions! We all want these young athletes to be happy, confident, and to reach a high level of play where they are able to apply their incredible skills they have been working on for many hours on and off the field. Start looking into coaching with a purpose! A purpose to help your athletes prepare and become stronger, more confident, and motivated individuals.

Written by Nikoli Sharp

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