Building Team Chemistry

Building Team Chemistry

All too often we have issues among athletes and even among coaches. We have clicks, teammates who don’t get along, athletes who don’t like each other because they have to compete for the same position, and coaches who can’t agree or find common ground. These problems have to be solved in order to create a group of athletes who are not just a team, but a family. A family that trusts one another, helps and supports each other, challenges one another in a positive way, and treats one another with respect. We have to build and create team chemistry that flows during practice, during games, and even outside of the softball field.

TRUST. Trust is a common issue, and without it, the progressive state of your athlete and team will not move forward in a positive direction.

Trusting your coach is extremely important. Whether you are the parent or athlete, you have to trust, have faith, and remember the coach has your best interest at heart. They are doing all they can to help your athlete reach their highest potential every practice and every game!

It is hard to have that trust if you aren’t personable, social, or communicating!

  1. HAVE CONVERSATIONS! The more personable you are, the better you will understand one another, the better you will know one another, and the better relationship you will have that is full of confidence, faith, and trust.
  2. HAVE MEETINGS! Weekly meetings to set goals for athletic progression mentally and physically while creating future goals and dreams within the sport is something each coach is willing to do to help and support your athlete! The coach will be able to give you insight, perspective, knowledge, and feedback that will give you tools in moving forward in your athletes softball career.
  3. ASK QUESTIONS! This will benefit you, your teammates, and your coach! It’s our job as coaches to challenge you mentally and physically in order to help you reach your highest potential on the softball field. So instead of complaining, arguing, or being negative, be respectful, diligent, loyal, and ask questions when you are uncertain or don’t understand. If you don’t ask, you won’t learn!

If you don’t have trust or confidence in one another, their will be a lack of respect, communication, and understanding that will hurt your athlete’s performance, progress, and future.

Team Chemistry is not always easy to build. With the variety of different personalities, not everyone will be in sync or get along from the start. That’s normal! But as coaches, we can’t allow it to be a constant. It is up to us to make changes, create team events, and make a fun, competitive, and challenging team environment.

  1. Team building games: Softball related or not, create games or activities that focus on teamwork!
  2. Quote of the week: In partners, have each athlete pick a quote for their partner for practice or a tournament that inspires or motivates one another!
  3. Word of the day: Pick a word that provides a theme for the day at practice or in a tournament that helps them focus while inspring, motivating, and creating a common ground they are each determined to meet.

Chemistry isn’t always easy, but it always needs to be worked on within the team! Coaches, parents, and athletes need to be on the same page. They need to have understanding, knowledge, common goals, communication, and trust! Without it, the team will not be able to reach their highest potential, and neither will your athlete. Build chemistry, create goals, and keep your athletes motivated, inspired, and determined in a fun, supportive, challenging, and trusting environment!

You have the tools, you just have to use them!

Written by Nikoli Sharp

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