In Her Cleats- A New Documentary

Thank you to everyone for your constant support in Coaching a Female Athlete.  We appreciate every read, share, and positive comment we have received over the past two years.

We wanted to share our newest endeavour with all of our readers, “In Her Cleats”.   “In Her Cleats” is a riveting documentary following female athletes in the road to collegiate athletics.  You will see their struggles and triumps in trying to attain scholarships to go to college.  This documentary is extremely insightly and puts light to the small world of female athletics and the difficulty of managing school, lessons, travel, games, and recruitment.

We greatly appreciate any feedback and any backers we may receive on Kickstarter!!  We truly have a passion for what we do and whole-heartedly believe in this project.  Thank you in advance for your support, check out the project in the link below!!



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